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Lens Types
Single Vision
Lenses with single vision across. Examples of single vision lens types are distance vision lenses, people with myopia or nearsightedness. Computer lenses and or reading prescription lenses for people with farsightedness or presbyopia.
For anyone with presbyopia vision correction, people who needs a correction to see up close. Different types of Bifocals are the FLAT TOP, ROUND TOP, BLENDED TOP and the EXECUTIVE BIFOCALS.
Lenses with an upside down half moon shaped, D segment or also called straight top.
Lenses with a round segment at the bottom of the lenses.
Also called the Franklin or E style. Full line across the bottom of the lenses.
Progressive lenses
Also called "no-line bifocals", these lenses eliminate the visible lines of the traditional trifocals on the lenses.

Main advantages of Progressives over bifocals is the seamless progression it provides for viewing distance at the top of the lenses graduating to computer or intermediate vision and reading or near vision at the bottom of the lenses.