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  • Single Vision
    Bifocal (with line)
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  • 105mm - 119mm kid size
    120mm -129mm small size
    130mm- 139mm medium size
    140mm- 149mm large size
  • Lens Shape
  • Oval
    Cat Eye
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  • Full-Rim
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  • Acetate
    Acetate and Metal
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    TR90 Plastic
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    Metal and Acetate
    Memory Titanium


Entering or selecting the correct numbers or information for your order
Entering or reading your prescription is easy. The top line of the prescription is for the right eye and the bottom line is for the left eye.

OD, Oculus Dexter or the right eye
OS, Oculus Sinister or the left eye
SPH, Sphere or Spherical - refractive error correction of the eye
PL or Plano means 0, just leave the column as is and do not select any number

- 25 or - 0.25, select - 0.25 in the column
- 100 or - 1.00, select - 1.00 in the column
+ 1000 or + 10.00, select + 10.00 in the column

Please note the + ( Positive ) or - ( Negative ) sign in front of the numbers, selecting it incorrectly will result in a wrong prescription entry and you might not be able to see with the glasses.

Note that there is an extra charge for sphere correction greater than + 4.00 or stronger than - 8.00
CYL, Cylinder or Cylindrical - astigmatism correction.
DS, SPH or Sphere means 0, just leave the column as is and do not select any number in the CYL and AXIS column

- 25 or - 0.25, select - 0.25 in the column
- 100 or - 1.00, select - 1.00 in the column
+ 300 or + 3.00, select + 3.00 in the column

Note that there is an extra charge for cylinder correction greater than 2.00

Sample of cylinder written as SPH

Sample of cylinder written as DS
005 or 5, select the number 5 in the AXIS column
098 or 98, select the number 98 in the AXIS column
166, select the number 166 in the AXIS column
This column is usually empty or there is no number in the column. If in case you do have prism correction please check the " I have Prism " box. There is an extra charge for Prism correction.
Enter or select this information only when you have a Prism correction, otherwise leave it blank or at 0.

BI or IN, select IN in the column.
BO or OUT, select OUT in the column.
BU or UP, select UP in the column.
BD or DOWN, select DOWN in the column.
ADD power, only enter this when you select or want READING, COMPUTER, BIFOCALS or PROGRESSIVE eyeglasses.

Sometimes the ADD number is referred as NV

+ 250 or + 2.50, select the + 2.50 in the column

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